<?php echo Brenda Leonard RN, BScN, M.A. , M.Ed.

Brenda Leonard RN, BScN, M.A. , M.Ed.

Specialities: Anxiety, depression, diabetes, stress, relationship and interpersonal difficulties, grief and loss, gender issues, post-traumatic stress, chronic disease, and women’s health issues.

After graduating in Nursing, Brenda has worked as a Registered Nurse for almost 25 years. Also, she has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, completed her Masters in Counselling and worked as a Diabetes Nurse Educator. She is currently working as a Counsellor and recently completed her Masters of Education.

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Rachel Kampf, M. Ed.

Specialities: Anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, and physical illness, specifically cancer.

Rachel Kampf is a Clinical Member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, and has completed 6 years of clinical training at the Institute for Core Energetics, New York. She employs CBT, among other modalities and methods of treatment throughout a career that spans 30+ years.

To reach Rachel, please contact her at 416.789.1775